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Illustrated Guide to Snowmobile RacingSnowmobile Illustrated Guide to Snowmobile Racing
Ref: 945-231
By Linda and David Aksomitis
Competing since the second sled was built, vintage cross country, drag and ice oval racing have paved the way for today's extreme competition racing at events such as the X-Games Snocross. This book traces the development of how snowmobile racing got to where it is today with influence from sanctioning bodies and organizations like the USSA, ISR and WPSA and milestone moments in sled-racing history. 128 pages, 100 color & 100 B&W photos, 8 1/2" x 11".

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Vintage Snowmobilia: A Guide to Snowmobile CollectiblesSnowmobile Vintage Snowmobilia: A Guide to Snowmobile Collectibles
Ref: 945-230
By Jon D Bertolino
During the Golden Age of snowmobile manufacturing - 1968 to 1976 - literally hundreds of snowmobile manufacturers from garage-based builders to blue-chip sprang up and then disappeared. These companies produced a wealth ofproducts, from vintage clothing to advertising items, dealer signs, oil containers, snowmobile cuff links, and a host of other memorabilia that are now sought after by collectors. Vintage Snowmobilia contains 600 color photographs of these collectibles with captions providing guidance on price and rarity. 160 pages.

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Vintage Snowmobiles: The Golden Years 1968-82Snowmobile Vintage Snowmobiles: The Golden Years 1968-82
Ref: 945-240
The Golden Age of snowmobile manufacturing was from 1968-1976 with a gradual slow down leading to 1982. During this time, literally hundreds of snowmobile manufacturers sprung up and then disappeared. This book is a look at all the most interesting, rare, or collectible snowmobiles from that time period. Includes a chapter of collectible racing snowmobiles in the hobby, like the 1977 Arctic Cat Z that turned Arctic Cats racing program around. This book would be a benefit to anyone interested in sleds from this time period. 128 Pages.

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Snowmobile Racing's Early YearsSnowmobile Snowmobile Racing's Early Years
Ref: 945-188
The photo book of vintage racing you've been waiting for! 212 pages with over 450 of snowmobiling's most spectacular photos from snowmobile racing's vintage "Early Years" (1967-73). Featuring: Rare early machines, ads of the era, oval racing, exotic speed machines, and cross country. Photos of faces, places and machines with special informational insights of a bygone era available nowhere else. All from the exclusive, extensive photo archives of Race & Rally / SnowTech Magazine.

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Best of SnoPro 1973-78 - Volume IISnowmobile Best of SnoPro 1973-78 - Volume II
Ref: 945-204
An absolutely fascinating 236 page book full of pictures, information, insights, and the tragedy of the time period. It covers the exotic SnoPro machines and the legendary drivers of Alouette, Arctic Cat, Chapparral, Kalamazoo, Kawasaki, Mercury, Polaris, Rupp, Scorpion, Ski-Doo, Skiroule, Sno-Jet, Suzuki and Yamaha. Be among the first to own this great new book compiled from the archives of Race & Rally / SnowTech Magazine - you'll love it. Order your copy today.

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Best of SnoPro 2 1978-82 - Volume IIISnowmobile Best of SnoPro 2 1978-82 - Volume III
Ref: 945-217
Over 200 pages of color and black and white photos from SnoPro during the late 70's, early 80's. Over 400 photos of the famous drivers of the era, including: Bob Elsner, Steve Thorsen, Brad Hulings, Dave Wahl, Tim Bender, Frans Rosenquist, Jac Villeneuve, Darcy Ewing, Todd Elmer, Steve, Chuck, Mike and Alan Decker, Gerard Karpik, Bobby Donahue and more. Story lines include: Elsner at Eagle River, Kawasaki Tournament of Champions, Alan Decker #1 in SnoPro, Tord Sunddrstrom #1 in Sweden, SnoPro Scandinavia, Steve Thorsen Top Independent, Dave Wahl, Jac Villeneuve and the World's Championship, Brad Hulings #1 in SnoPro, Intro to Snocross, Quadna Snocross, 340X International Championship, Ski-Doo's Secret Sled, and Sport 5 International Snocross championship. If you enjoyed the first two books, you'll love Volume III!

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The Unseen Photos - The Untold Stories 1967-1972Snowmobile The Unseen Photos - The Untold Stories 1967-1972
Ref: 945-252
Volume 4
212 pages of history captured on camera from the golden years of snowmobile racing. The 4th book in the series, go back to the beginning and revisit the Early Years of snowmobile racing, uncovering stories never before told & photos that have been hidden for decades. Be one of the first to receive this great new book.


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Yamaha Snowmobile 40th AnniversarySnowmobile Yamaha Snowmobile 40th Anniversary
Ref: 945-272
If you are a fan of Yamaha snowmobiles, the 40th Anniversary of The Snowmobile - A Collectors Edition Book is a must for your library. The book is hard cover with 96 pages of color photographs and text. Included are many great racing pictures from the 70's through the 2000's along with vintage advertisements, vintage collectibles and more.

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I Raced Ski Doo . . . Snowmobile I Raced Ski Doo . . .
Ref: 945-271
This book, I Race Ski-Doo . . . A Different Point of View supplies the viewer a different look at Ski-Doo factory racing. It supplies the behind-the-scenes pictures with supporting captions of the great Ski-Doo drivers and their machines from the good old days of factory racing starting in 1968 and ending in 1978. The book is soft cover with 146 black and white pages, photographs and supporting text with an accompanying eight-page introduction to the Snowmobile Hall of Fame and Museum.

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Ski-Doo Racing Sleds - 1960-03 Photo ArchiveSnowmobile Ski-Doo Racing Sleds - 1960-03 Photo Archive
Ref: 945-177
Ski-Doo began devoting attention to building racing sleds in 1967 and still builds models specifically for racing. This book includes some of today's most collectible production snowmobiles like the TNT and BLIZZARD models, along with custom one-off models designed specifically for racing. Many of these interesting Ski-Doo photographs have never been published before. 128 Pages.

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Collector's Guide to Ski-Doo SnowmobilesSnowmobile Collector's Guide to Ski-Doo Snowmobiles
Ref: 945-205
Phillip J Mickelson
From that first Bombardier snow machine to the newer Formula series models, all Ski-Doo snowmobiles to 1995 are covered in this Collectors' Guide to Ski-Doo Snowmobiles. The book traces the development of the snowmobile, their engines, suspensions, and comfort features. It takes you from the age of wooden skis and bodywork to today's light, powerful, and aerodynamic Ski-Doo models. Technical specifications and year-by-year updates are included, along with 135 photos. 160 pages.

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Polaris Snowmobile Buyers GuideSnowmobile Polaris Snowmobile Buyers Guide
Ref: 945-197
COVERS 1950'S TO 1994
This 160-page paperback contains over 200 photos and information about Polaris snowmobiles from the first one built in the mid-1950s through the 1994 models. The book covers the first three generations of Polaris snowmobiles: Sno-Travelers, leaf-spring sleds and the legendary Indys through 1994. Information about individual models includes descriptions, specifications and year-by-year updates and changes. The book also includes sidebar features on topics such as the Polaris Thrill Team, Polaris racing, Autoboggans and assorted non-snowmobile products Polaris produced.

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ATV Projects: Get the Most out of your All Terrain VehicleSnowmobile ATV Projects: Get the Most out of your All Terrain Vehicle
Ref: 945-189
The most popular type of ATV is the sport-utility quad, a machine that is both a fun, capable trail machine and equipped with racks and hitches so it is useful around the house or farm. This book would show how to do the most popular types of modifications to the ATV, most of which consist of bolting on a rack, attachment, or accessory. Includes basic maintenance and a few performance modifications (exhaust, suspension and some drive train mods). 112 pages.
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Two-Stroke Performance Tuning - 2nd EditionSnowmobile Two-Stroke Performance Tuning - 2nd Edition
Ref: 945-091
Engine-tuning expert A. Graham Bell steers you through the various modifications that can be made to coax maximum useable power output and mechanical reliability from your two-stroke. Fully revised with the latest information on all areas of engine operation, from air and fuel, through carburetion, ignition, cylinder, porting, reed and rotary valves, and exhaust systems to cooling and lubrication, dyno tuning and gearing. 272 pages, 188 illustrations.

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Intertec Snowmobile Service Manual - '62-86Snowmobile Intertec Snowmobile Service Manual - '62-86
Ref: 945-033
512 Pages


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Clymer Snowmobile Service Manuals
THE LEADER IN 'DO-IT-YOURSELF' MANUALS. Each manual provides step-by-step instructions to guide you through jobs ranging from simple maintenance to complete engine, drive systems, steering, suspension, and track overhaul. Detailed illustrations, along with hundreds of photographs and diagrams allow anyone - from the first time do-it-yourselfer to the professional mechanic - to confidently complete each job.

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